Never Lose Hope.

“When you find yourself planted in darkness, remember you are buried”

A very simple quote but means a lot. We all go through difficult times. Times when we are shattered , broken, and crushed. We go through immense mental agony. At such times we bear all loneliness, emptiness and round of sleepless nights. A tide of despair making as weep.

What people usually does at such times, the weak one usually gives up. They surrender to circumstances and situations, thus getting lost and defeated. But is this the solution, No.

Always remember we should learn from such circumstances and situations. Such times makes as strong. We should understand that this is just a passing phase and we must never give up

You all might have heard about Laxmi Agarwal, the acid attack survivor. A normal person might have got devastated. But she did not. Just like phoenix she rose from the ashes. She broke the shackles of tragedy and emerged as a victorious person.

We should learn to smile. How to react about what is going in our life, depends solely on how do us. Our negative reaction and thoughts will further bury as in the darkness, making as helpless and weak. However, we should always have a positive attitude. Life is beautiful just focus on the its bright side and never ever give up.

“Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success”





The beauty of my life.

Take me to the verdant valleys.

Take me to the green hills.

A place I can quench my thirst for nature and satiate my hunger for peace.

Let me bathe in spring-fed tranquil lakes and get drenched in waterfalls cascading from great heights.

Let me hear the rumble of the ocean and swim in beautiful streams.

Let me gratify my affair with nature and fill my heart with bliss.

Let me amble on the green paths and explore the hidden treasures.

Take me with you so I can engulf myself in beauty of nature and sing my heart to glee.

Let me dance on the rhythm divine and be in unison with nature.

Take me to the Neverending vacation which will give me solace and peace.

Let me relish the autumn sun and dive in the shimmering, soothing light of moon.

Let me enjoy the sound of birds and flutter of leaves.

Let mme smell the fragrance of flowers and play with colorful butterflies.

Finally, let me enjoy from my heart the beauty of my life.